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Stardew Valley - Beginner's Guide

This guide will explain how to get started playing Stardew Valley.

Clearing & Planting Your Land

When you begin the game you are given the necessary tools to clear the debris and vegetation from your land. Once you've cleared a 5x3 area, you'll plant the 15 Parsnip Seeds that were gifted to you.

Give Your Crops a Big Drink!

Once all of your Parsnip Seeds are planted, you'll need to use your watering can - your seeds are really thirsty! These seeds will need to be watered every day until they're fully grown (not necessary on rainy days)

Harvest & Cash in Your Crop!

After 4 days your seeds will be fully grown and you can now harvest your Parsnip! To sell them for profit, simply deposit them into the wooden bin located in the northeastern area of your farm and they will sell overnight.

Purchase New Seeds

If you don't want to wait until the next day to make a profit, travel to town and visit Pierre's General Store. You can sell him your crop directly and purchase new seeds to plant on your farm.