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Welcome to tl;dr!

A little bit about what we are doing, how we hope to help you, and let you know how to get involved and in contact with us while on this new adventure.

What we're about

We want to make it easy to find guides / information about your favorite game. By creating a micro-guide or post, you can give the community all the information they need without the fluff or a 15 min Youtube video.

How to contribute

You can make an account and start writing within a few seconds. Account creation is quick and easy and so is creating a guide or post. Each post is limited to 6 sections. Each section can have 1 image and a max of 250 characters.

Let us know what you think

We'd love to hear from you on Twitter @tldrgg or on Discord. You can find our invite link on the homepage. Let us know if you have ideas on what we can improve on or any issues you had while using the site.