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2:33 PM - 14 Jul 2017
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Let's get blocky again!

Overworld Mushroom Biome in normal mode. /Image sources


I had a little look around this website, and I saw, there is no guide of Terraria, one of the games I've played a lot lately. However I don't have lots of experience in it, I thought I'd write a little guide about the Overworld Mushroom Biome.

So, about that mushroom biome

The mushroom biome is typically found underground, generated randomly anywhere below 0 depth. It consists of Mushroom Grass on Mud Blocks, where Glowing Mushrooms grow, together with Giant Glowing mushrooms.

On the surface?

So do these biomes spawn on the surface? No, I'm sorry. However, we can grow one on the surface. All you need is lots of Mud blocks and at least one Mushroom Grass seed!

Growing one

Grab your Mud blocks and make a layer wherever you want. Make sure the layer is at least 2 blocks thick. After doing that place your Mushroom Grass seed wherever you want. Now, watch your Overworld Mushroom biome appear!


For it to be an actual Terraria recognized biome, it has to have at least a 100 Mushroom Grass blocks. Also, for Giant Glowing Mushrooms to spawn, you need to have enough space in height. For the Truffle NPC to spawn, build a house here.


In the Surface Mushroom Biome, there is a chance that Mushroom Biome monsters spawn. These are better than in the normal world so proceed with caution. Also, to get a Mushroom Grass seed, destroy Glowing Mushrooms in a Mushroom biome. --END--