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8:51 AM - 9 Jul 2017
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Smite Jungle Guide (Season 4)

Learn the basics of the jungler role, along with some advanced info and tips&tricks

What does the jungler do?

The jungler spends the most time in the jungle among all the roles in Smite. He is responsible for most ganks and can carry the team. A successful jungler gets a lot of kills while also farming to stay at a high level.

The start or beggining of a game

Usually, the jungler starts with his midlaner in mid, gets the first wave and then they get their or the enemies'(if they have cleared wave fast) speed camp or damagecamp and then another wave and the other camp.

Early to mid game

In the early to mid game you should make sure you're getting all the buffs on your side of the map and maybe even some of the enemies' ones. You should gank when you see an opportunity and you MUST get wards.

Late game

This is the part of the game where your team groups up and tries to get objectives and when the big 5v5 teamfights happen. Be wary of your position and don't go anywhere alone because at this point you die really quickly.

The build (Part 1)

Junglers are mostly physical so I am going to give you a build for a physical jungler but you can easily find a build for a magical jungler too. There is one mandatory item and it's Bumba's Mask. It's more than worth the price.

The build (Part 2)

You should buy Bumba's at the start with Death's toll or Bluestone depending on your god and some potions. After that they are many options but mostly you want power and penetration as well as some defense and cooldown reduction.